Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Welcome to our "Blogsite"!

From this homepage you should be able to find out what you need to know about our work.

For a start, below this posting is a summary of our vision, mission and objectives. To get a more detailed overview of our work, use the links in the CCMP LINKS box to the right. These other pages offer a comprehensive summary the different areas of our work including a few pictures that tell our story.

Below that you can download a variety of documents including the latest updates, a video slideshow, our covering documents, & then old updates, reports & newsletters. The CCMP and Ubomi Obutsha Centre Profile documents contain a lot of detailed information for those who are looking for it.

We do receive many donations of food, clothing, etc, but the real value of our work lies in being able to put those donations to work effectively in the lives of those we care for in subsequent days, months & years.

Only 19% of our budget is allocated to our sustainability costs yet it is still the most difficult area to raise money for!

(The other 81% goes to direct spending on orphaned & vulnerable children & their needs)

Please consider partnering with us financially by supporting the work of CCMP on a regular basis.  We are not only looking for the "BIG donations", it is the smaller regular donations that provide stability & a foundation for the work to continue . . .

. . . banking details below.

Banking Details

Combined Christian Ministries to the Poor
- First National Bank
Cheque Acc No: - 62000371170
Branch Name: - Newton Park
Banch Code: - 261050

International Donations

Direct transfers can be made into the above account using the SWIFT code. Please email the Ministry Director: for more information.


To be a well equipped and resourced cooperative organisation within the Christian community reaching out to poor communities through the love of Christ and developing people to become self sufficient and to live productive lives.

CCMP Mission

To the glory of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom of love, justice and mercy and in accordance with sound Biblical and community development principles, our mission is to motivate, mobilize, guide, assist and coordinate a combined Christian ministry addressing the needs and aspirations of the poorest of the poor, the most neglected and underprivileged peoples in our city.

CCMP Objectives

1. To live out and share a practical expression of God’s love and call to redemption for all people, particularly the poor, that is inspired by the life, work, message and redeeming sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

2. Develop sustainable working relationships with local and international churches, missions organizations, volunteer placement groups and other charitable organizations.

3. Develop sustainable working relationships with community based organizations, schools, churches, community clinics and local government offices within poor communities.

4. Create awareness of definable and quantifiable needs in poor communities.

5. Facilitate activities that allow benefactors to meaningfully and continually contribute to the development of the poor through established working relationships with community organisations.

6. Support the work of qualifying community projects in their efforts to meet the challenges of poverty and killer diseases such as HIV/AIDS and TB through the distribution of donated goods (particularly food) and the support of skilled “working hands” through term volunteers.

7. Develop more focused partnerships with identified community projects where possible, assisting them to grow into self-sustaining developmental community based organisations.

8. Maintain an independent platform registered as a legal entity with the appropriate levels of management, administration and accountability to facilitate all activities.

9. Develop and maintain sustainable support.